Balanced Body Program

Balanced Body Program


Your Path to a Healthy Life!

Peeling the Onion

Establishing True Health while “Peeling the Onion”!

This program is designed for those just starting out on their ATÜN Journey and who seriously want to become balanced quickly over a period of several months. By using 5 ATÜN remedies consecutively- your body will be leaps and bounds healthier from where you started before getting on this program.

Here’s how it works: We’ll mail you all five swab kits up front. When you receive them, send us back ONE used swab kit. We will then formulate your first remedy based on that used swab kit and ship your remedy to you. When you are done with your first remedy, send us a second used swab kit. We will then formulate a remedy based off that second swab kit you sent us. This process is repeated until all five kits and remedies are used up.

With each new remedy you receive, you will also be given the Bioenergetic Analysis Report based off your most recent swab kit.

None of the five remedies within the Balanced Body Program will ever be the same! With each new remedy comes a new set of energy patterns that are specifically chosen to further promote and stimulate healing with your body.

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