Holistic Health For Your Life

The importance of staying ahead of reducing the chances of illness and disease before it even takes root within the body is undeniably important. Through healthy- clean eating, exercise, detoxing, and energy balancing to name a few one is much more apt to live a healthier- more fulfilling life.

Not only does holistic health lifestyle provide more benefit and a higher quality of life for those who follow it, it also lessens the medical costs over the long run that are becoming increasingly larger within the United States. 

 While ATÜN is able to effectively help those who have chronic illness or disease, we would like to point out the role that our remedies play in holistic healthcare. It is much easier for a person to take steps to live a healthier life BEFORE they become sick. 

Below are just a few things that we at ATÜN recommend you do to stay ahead of the health game!

Healthy- Clean Eating:

The importance of healthy- clean eating cannot be emphasized enough. Good nutrition and healthy eating habits are the basis of great health. Without the proper vitamins and minerals our bodies are unable to function at their designed level. When the body lacks just one vitamin/mineral if left unchecked, over time it will begin to negatively affect the body

The importance of eating organic and non GMO foods cannot be emphasized enough. Reducing the amount of toxins and pesticides we ingest daily is crucial to our overall wellbeing. Eating fresh- organic food goes a long way in insuring what we eat is actually toxin and pesticide free. 



Exercise is also very important in establishing great health and preventing chronic illness/ disease. Exercise not only helps us keep our body weight in check. It also keeps our lymph activity processing and removing stored toxins within our system.  It’s important to exercise for 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week. Exercise also plays a role in keeping the immune system healthy


Often times our bodies become so over burdened with toxins and chemicals that it’s imperative we flush them out. By doing so it gives the body a clean slate in which to start the healing process. They’re varying opinions on what the “correct” way to detox is. Techniques range anywhere from juice cleanses, fasting, foot pads to saunas. Before you decide to do a detox, make sure you do your research and know what’s right for you! 

Energy Balancing: 

All disease and sickness begins with a breakdown in the energy “life force” that flows through every facet of our body through the body’s meridian pathways. Over time, if left uncheck sickness and disease will set it. By addressing these energetic pathways and keeping them on the correct path, the body is able to maintain it’s healthy energetic balance.