Our Story


Why ATÜN was created...

The story of ATÜN starts 20 years ago when my father came down with Spinal Meningitis. After leaving the hospital he developed chronic exertional headaches so bad he couldn’t even play with his kids. He lived through this for well over a year going to specialist after specialist and test after test (including 2 spinal taps). He was told that to live a NORMAL life he would need to take 3 pills a day (that gave little relief). Not wanting to take pills that didn’t work he was referred to a pain clinic. Their solution was to “control” the pain; never answering the big question why a healthy 34-year-old father of three suddenly gets so ill he can’t even play with his children!

Eventually he said, “enough is enough!” and started to search for a solution elsewhere. This led him to a woman that practiced “Craniosacral Therapy”. This worked short term, but the headaches always came back within thirty-six hours. After his third visit she recommended a Homeopathic doctor that used a “computer”. This is how we ended up to where we are today. The Doctor he went to used “Bioenergetics” to discover the underlying cause of what was going on with my father. After his second visit and within two hours of that visit the pressure in his head “that was always present” started to go away once and for all. From then on, we rarely went to regular doctors unless we needed a routine checkup, sports physical, stitches, or a broken bone set. Homeopathy became a regular way of life for us.

When I was young I had my own experience with homeopathy. I was very sick in which I later learned I had come down with a bad bacterial infection that caused strep throat. It was so bad my mom called the pediatrician who said to come in Monday morning and wrote a prescription for amoxicillin which my mother raced to the store and had filled later that afternoon.  I never was able to keep the pink stuff down and threw up every time she gave it to me. The pediatrician looked at my throat and said it was white from the strep infection and to continue with antibiotics. I remember my father coming home early from work that day and taking me to the Homeopathic Doctor that had helped him on several occasions. Within hours of taking the remedy he gave me I started feeling better and even ate something that night (I hadn’t eaten in 3 days). By Wednesday I was outside playing like it never happened without ever fully ingesting the antibiotic the pediatrician prescribed.

These are just two examples of many of how Homeopathy has helped our family maintain its health over the years. To this day we are all medication and disease free, and I attribute that to our healthy lifestyle- and Homeopathy.

Using Homeopathy combined with modern science we were able to create ATÜN to enable us to reach out to those who are willing to give Homeopathy a try. Do not believe what you read in the news or mainstream media. Homeopathy has been practiced for hundreds of years and by millions of people- AND IT WORKS!

So take the first step and let our family help yours today- you’ll be glad you did!