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Homeopathy 101

Homeopathy has been around for centuries and positively touched the lives of millions of people. Click below to learn what started it all and how this highly regarded form of medicine has become what it is today.


About ATÜN

Life is all about living in balance. At ATÜN- we couldn't agree more! Having a healthy- balanced body means everything! Learn more about how we can help you achieve your health goals today.


How  ATÜN  Works...


1. We’ll send you a kit with instructions. Use the swab to capture a saliva sample.

Send your sample back to us using the provided mailer.



2. We analyze your sample and prepare a custom homeopathic remedy to specifically address what your body needs to return and maintain a healthier, more balanced state.


3. We’ll send your homeopathic remedy with a detailed report. This ONE remedy will start to balance ALL of the issues identified in your report!


Benefits of ATÜN

Staying Healthier by Staying in Tune!

Frequencies, vibrations and energy are all around us everyday as we live our lives. Just as there are positive frequencies- there are negative ones too. It's these negative energies that adversely impact our health and cause disease and sickness.

Learn more about how to counteract those negative energies and become ATÜN!


ATÜN Packages


Bioenergetic Analysis


Risk Free!


Individual Remedy

$59.95 per kit

First step to a healthier YOU!


Balanced Body Program

$199.99 per program

Your path to a balanced life!



Homeopathy & Bioenergetic Testing

With Bioenergetic testing ATÜN is able to accurately pinpoint the areas of the body that need attention. Homeopathy is a very strong and effective form of medicine, coupled with Bioenergetic testing and the end results are more effective results- faster! 

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“I officially believe in ATÜN. Two things. First, I was getting canker sores on the inside of my bottom lip every two weeks for over a year and they were so embarrassing. Changed my diet, nothing. Switched my toothpaste, nothing. Tried talking to doctors, they had no idea. Eventually took two rounds of steroids which helped but did not entirely get rid of them. Then I started doing the drops. Since then I haven’t gotten one. It has DRASTICALLY improved my life. I bit the inside of my lip last week and usually that was a guaranteed canker. Took my drops and it healed over normally.

Two, I’ve actually been sleeping significantly better the last few weeks.

Just wanted to let you know. Thank you – I believe.”



Frequently Asked Questions

How many remedies does it take to become balanced?

The best way to answer this question is to begin with the analogy of peeling the layers of an onion.

ATÜN analyzes your unique energetic signatures to help uncover energy patterns that may be interfering in your path to wellness. Bio-energetic analysis is effectively asking the body hundreds of questions and obtaining the response directly from the body’s own physiology – without engaging the conscious and language centers of the mind.

The path way to energetic balance is a layered process over time.  Much the same as beginning a healthy diet, you don’t eat well for a day and proclaim victory.  

So where do layers come in? ATÜN utilizes 15 amplification levels.  If an item shows up as unbalanced in the initial analysis – either as stressed or weakened – your body is indicating that these are the areas of your energy pathways that must be dealt with first.  For some, these initial imbalances may be on the surface, while for others, they may be at a deeper level. In each case, ATÜN recognizes and prioritizes the imbalances found. As these pathways are restored to energetic health, ATÜN will continue to explore deeper pathways to see what is required to restore energetic balance.  Since this process is unique to each individual, the time required to restore balance will vary by individual.