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As a holistic practitioner you meet with clients on a daily basis who have a wide range of different needs. A bioenergetic system is what you need,but why spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning a new system?! With ATÜN you’ll receive Bioenergetic analyses and remedies in a timely manner- straight to you door.

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Practitioner Testimonials

I would like to thank ATÜN for their partnership, friendship and awesomeness! My effectiveness as a Holistic Practitioner has been enhanced since implementing their Bioenergetic analysis reporting into my practice. I am able to design an effective, unique program for my client’s priority healing body needs and by using ATÜN the guesswork is gone!
— Annette Hollimon CMRMT -Forever Phoenix
As a traditional Naturopath getting introduced to Greg and his team at ATÜN Bioenergetics was probably the best thing that happened to me and my clients alike. The information that a Bioenergetic scan provides to both the client and the practitioner is invaluable.

From a practitioner standpoint it clearly establishes the validity of the assessments we do separately and adds more information that allows us to streamline and target areas to get better results for our clients.

From a client’s standpoint reading the analysis gives them more confidence in what the practitioner is trying to achieve and also resonates with them on many levels, motivating them to move forward with the road map to health.

In addition the service is fast, affordable and Greg and his team is always available to talk if you have any questions. It’s truly a win-win. At present I offer this scan to all my clients.

What We Provide You

Additional Detailed Analyses

For every order, you’ll receive three detailed analysis reports. These reports list out line by line what energetic deficiencies are present in your clients body. These are not to diagnose your client with a condition. Rather, they’re there to act as a guide to what energetic imbalances are taking place.

Discounted Pricing

As a practitioner on our program, you’ll receive discounted pricing on all of our products. We also offer a referral program for those that you introduce our product to.

Custom Labeling

At ATÜN, it’s very important to us that you maintain a great relationship with your client. We will not in any way interact with your client. All communication from ATÜN will be directly done with you- the practitioner. To maintain this even further- all remedies and analysis reports you’ll receive will have your company logo and information- right down to the remedy instruction card that comes with the remedy!

All analysis reports and remedies will be sent to your office to review before you meet your client. We’re able to ship remedies directly to your clients home if requested.

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