Establishing Great Health- One Remedy At A Time

ATÜN Brings Balance to Your Body

Every day your body and mind are exposed to the toxins and stresses of life, creating unhealthy imbalances in your body. Illnesses such as headaches, allergies, recurring infections, stomach ailments and so much more are the result. Having your body energetically balanced is imperative to living a healthy life. Throughout your body, there are meridian pathways that travel through every organ and bodily system. When these function properly- good health is achieved. However, when a meridian pathway is blocked or the flow of energy is restricted this is when the body starts to become sick and if left unchecked disease will set in.

This is where ATÜN can help! By providing our clients with custom tailored remedies that correct and rebalance the body’s energy meridian pathways. 

ATÜN does this by providing you with a bioenergetic analysis report based on your DNA that clearly shows where your body’s energetic frequencies are out of balance. ATÜN then provides a custom tailored remedy to specifically address what your body needs to return to a healthier, balanced state. 

Eliminating the guesswork from your healthcare, ATÜN provides you with a detailed analysis report and remedy that will begin to address everything but not limited to the list below. 

•Recurring infections

•Various toxins

•Emotional stress

•Pathogens such as Lyme disease

•Structural/connective tissue issues

•Metabolic issues such as diabetes and cholesterol

•Heavy metals and hundreds of other problems


•Lack of energy

•Headaches / Earaches


•Upper respiratory conditions



                                                                                  You Are Unique!


ATÜN understands that just as no two finger prints are the same, no two individuals health issues and accompanying underlying causes are the same. Your health issues and the program to address and resolve those issues are also unique.  In short, just as the reasons for your body falling out of balance are unique to you – So too are the solutions for addressing and correcting those issues.

Utilizing holistic medicines most advanced tool – a flexible bio-energetic screening system and a DNA swab, ATÜN also scans and tests for substances that would be beneficial to your specific needs such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathic remedies and essential oils. When imbalances are found our database of thousands of frequencies assist in determining what caused your specific imbalances and produces a water-based, imprinted solution to initiate the process of bringing your body back into a healthier balance.  A unique solution for your unique, individual needs!