Everyday ATÜN makes a positive impact on a person’s life- promoting health and healing within the body. Enabling people just like you to live a happier, healthier and balanced life is our mission here at ATÜN. These are just a handful of stories that our clients have shared with us. We just simply cannot post them all!

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For the several months, my intestinal tract has been giving me problems such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. Most days, these were also accompanied by a headache as well. To self remedy I tried things like steadying my diet and drinking more water; but nothing seemed to be working. I would typically to end my day laying uncomfortably in bed just wishing the bubble in what felt like my belly would pop. Then, through some people I work with, I found out about ATÜN. I provided them with an oral swab and they sent me a balancing remedy. Within two weeks I noticed significant improvement. My bowel movements were becoming much more regular and easy on my body and the headaches were better. Instead of feeling sick when I woke up, I found myself to be more energetic. All in all, ATÜN has dramatically improved my health and given me back some comfort that has been missing for some time. Thanks ATÜN!
— Geoff Q - Lexington, KY

I have had some health issues for a few years, mainly stomach issues like everyone gets. Heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux. I realized those were becoming daily issues that I had to live with. A co worker mentioned to me about getting a swab and trying Homeopathy. I didn’t know anything about it. I figured why not try it. When I got the results back from the initial swab, the report flagged symptoms I had had but never were dealt with properly.

I took my first remedy about a year ago. I immediately saw the change in my stomach problems! Heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux were not as common. The other issue that was corrected quickly was the diarrhea I experienced every morning. I am now having normal bowel movements. I have since had 3 more remedies. Of course, like most people, I wanted everything to be cured right away…. I realized it takes time to peel away the layers of my health issues. I can tell when it is time to start taking another remedy.

I am a firm believer in this process now. Any time someone mentions they have heart burn, acid reflux etc, I mention ATÜN. If normal medicine is not helping why not give this a try.
— Paul A - Sterling Heights, MI

When I was 34 years old I starting getting extremely bad headaches. Like most people I began looking for an answer from doctors and specialists. After 3 days in the hospital and my initial spinal tap I was diagnosed with Spinal Meningitis. Over the next year and a half, a second spinal tap, countless MRI’s, CAT scans and multiple prescription drugs, there was no improvement. I was finally diagnosed with what they told me were Chronic Exertion Headaches and in order to live a normal life I would need to take 3 pills a day to manage my pain. No explanation as to what was actually causing the headaches. And keep in mind that this was the message I was given from the leading medical centers and universities in Michigan!

Sorry but I didn’t think that there was anything normal about a 35 year old father that can’t even play with his 3 young boys while taking 3 pills a day that had no effect. This led me on a path to find normal again and after exploring many options I found a woman that provided some temporary relief by providing Cranial Sacral Therapy. After several sessions she recommended I go to a homeopathic practitioner that uses a bio-energetic system to analyze the body – to look for what was causing my headaches, not just treating my symptoms.

During my initial visit I was asked if I worked around toxic chemicals (yes I did) because the analysis indicated the presence of several toxins in my body that were causing imbalances. I was given a balancing remedy and within three hours of leaving my second visit, the pressure in my head that I had lived with for almost two years was gone. That was 18 years ago and I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without finding this treatment. As a result of my experience, my family has been utilizing bio-energetic balancing several times a year. I believe staying balanced is the reason the last time anyone in my family has taken antibiotics or prescription drugs is a far distant memory.
— Greg Q - Rochester, MI

When my son was about 9 years old he got very sick with what appeared to be just a bad cold or flu, but it just wouldn’t go away. After many trips to his pediatrician and missing several days of school I took him to a homeopathic practitioner that used a bio-energetic program. After the analysis I was told he had a bacterial infection, but his body was dealing with it ok. However, the analysis also found that his lymph nodes were totally blocked and this was preventing his body from efficiently flushing out the bacteria. He was given a remedy to correct the balance in his lymph nodes and within two days my son was back to normal – healthy and back in school.

I would like to also point out something I learned that I had never known before. It was explained to me that western medicine only deals with symptoms and typically does not deal with the underlying causes of illness. This certainly rang true in my son’s case since all his doctors wanted to treat was the infection and not the blockage of the lymph nodes which was the cause of the infection not going away. Needless to say periodic bio-energetic balancing is now a part of our normal family preventative health routine.
— Garrett T - San Diego, CA

Always the automatic skeptic, I was not convinced of the homeopathic “remedy” my good friend Greg suggested to my wife and I at times, when anyone in my family of 5 had the sniffles. We would politely brush him off, and I would cart my ailing family member off to the family M.D.

However, one winter, Whooping Cough settled in with all 3 of our children. If you have ever experienced the terror of watching your children cough and fight to breathe, well you know what I am talking about, and why I refer to it as “terror”. The medical doctors had the kids on prescribed medication, and we were following their guidance, but we were struggling to get on top of this. My wife and I were not getting much sleep, we were tired, sitting with the kids in shifts and frankly, beginning to worry. The kids were losing appetites, very pale looking and just not getting better.

Greg, being the persistent guy he was, dropped off a bottle of his vibration “remedy” in our mailbox. Reluctantly, we followed the instructions and gave our kids the drops. Within 24-48 hours, the kids appetites were coming back, they were all doing better and in 3 days we knew we were out of the woods.

This is my experience and true story. I became a believer in bio-energetic homeopathy and to this day we still supplement our medical care with these remedies. I hope you will too!
— Scott T - Austin, TX