Individual Remedy- Practitioner Referrals Order Here

Individual Remedy- Practitioner Referrals Order Here

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The First Step to Living Your Life in Balance!

The individual remedy includes the corresponding Bioenergetic Analysis Report from which it is formulated. This single remedy bottle will begin to promote healing within the body for every area that was flagged as stressed or weakened on your analysis report.

After placing your order- you will receive a kit in the mail. To learn more about how to use our kits- click here.

After we receive your kit complete with your DNA swab, we will email you with your Bioenergetic Analysis Report and ship your remedy to your door. A remedy typically lasts 5 – 7 weeks depending on the dosage.

  • Detox symptoms have been known to occur in clients who have many toxins in their body or who have many bodily systems out of balance. Symptoms including but not limited to headaches, fever, chills, nausea, metallic taste in the mouth do occur. Please contact us if you experience such symptoms while using our remedies. Such symptoms are typically mild and last only a few days.

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