Bioenergetic Analysis

Bioenergetic Analysis


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We are very excited to be able to offer the Bioenergetic Analysis Report to our clients- free of charge. We do this so that you are able to see firsthand how accurate our analyses really are! After reading your analysis report you will be amazed at the amount of detail and how the symptoms listed correlate to what you’re currently experiencing!

The Bioenergetic Analysis is broken up into 32 different bodily systems. Each system is analyzed and then given a “Healthy, Stressed or Weakened” grade. Symptoms that the client may be experiencing are then listed out for each unbalanced bodily system. Your ATÜN remedy- should you choose to order one is then formulated using the analysis results!

Scroll down to see an up close example of a Bioenergetic Analysis Report!!

If you would like to order a remedy after reading your Free Bioenergetic Analysis Report, add the “Individual Remedy” to your shopping cart, on the checkout page under “Order Notes” indicate that you already had a Free Analysis done and would like the remedy to be formulated based on those results. After the order is placed, we will formulate your remedy and ship it to you- eliminating the need for you to send us another swab kit!

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